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A personalized, educated approach to complementary health.

Fusion Therapeutics







Phone: 512-576-9625


E-mail: randie@roundrockfusion.com

The client will be draped at all times, and only the part of the body that is being worked on will be uncovered. This means no part of the genitals or breast area will be exposed at any time. Draping is required of ALL clients.


I use organic, unscented cream during most sessions. If allergic to nut products, let me know and I can use Jojoba oil.


A relaxing environment is provided, with soft lighting and a variety of music. I use a system that docks all iPods, so if you prefer to have your own music playing and own an iPod, feel free to bring it.


My massage table is a top of line Athena model from Custom Craftworks with custom breast recesses. Experience what other women are raving about, especially for heavily endowed women or during times when breast tissue is tender.


My massage chair is the industry standard Oakworks Portal Pro. Used by top professionals, this is the most comfortable chair with the highest adjustability on the market.


If the client or the therapist feels uncomfortable during the session, it will end immediately with no charge to the client.

Sexual behavior is unethical, inappropriate, and illegal, and will not be tolerated.




Cash or Check Only: No Credit Cards Accepted